Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer of Lace '08

Friday nite I started the charting/math for the Fine Framed Unst Shawl from Sharon Miller's 'Heirloom Knitting'. It's a combinations of the Unst Stole center and the frame from the Fine Framed Shawl in the book. The cool thing is, that you can rearrange the stuff in her books and patterns any way you want.

I was knitting along, got near the end of the row, and promptly found that I had dropped a stitch or two or three right in the middle of the spider cluster in the border. No hope for it but to ladder down, pin everything out in order and knit back up.

You can see that I was successful!!! You can see the first spider of the next cluster in the next picture. I got to the top/bottom of the trees before I had to quit today. So maybe pix in a few days.