Tuesday, May 15, 2007


to think about and to do! Go see Jane LaFazio at www.JaneVille.blogspot.com and look at her wonderful sketchbooks. and see the pix posted thru her site at flickr. Just wonderful. I can only hope that my stuff will be as wonderful someday. I carry a sketch book and all the trimmings(!), but haven't been as prolific and capable as Jane and some of the others I see when I surf around in blogland every once in a while.

And the YarnHarlot's "Spinning Tuesday" sounds like a good thing !!! I just finished lessons from the local instructor and spinner extraordinare. I want to keep up and get better. I think I am gonna join the Y'arlot this evening.

DS#1 is home on leave from tech school in the Navy. Here's a picture in his uniform. Who knew that kids would grow up and do this? let alone look like this????

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