Sunday, April 06, 2008

too much to do....

and not enough time to do it all in!!!!

I've been knocked out of Sock Madness. I didn't finish this round before the 21st knitter. In self defense, I can plead illness: not mine tho. A shepherdess friend twisted her ankle and put herself in a cast two weeks ago, so I have been doing the heavy walking for her and reporting back to her in her chair. Another shepherdess friend had her shearing canceled 4 weeks ago because of bad weather. She has no building big enough to shear in, so we had it yesterday. Not enough people showed up to help, so I got to do lots and lots of sheep wrangling and skirting/note taking of fleeces. On top of it all, my hayfever is trying to turn into something else, and it feels like I'm trying to hack up a lung! What fun!!!!

The green sock picture is as far as I got in this round of Sock Madness. I finished the heel and am on the foot of the 2nd sock. the yarn is some kool-aid dyed knitpicks bare in berry blue, lemon-lime and mango. not too bad for a microwave sock yarn.

The picture of the tiny sock is from my 'Wee Tiny Sock Swap' pal: Tilladare on Ravelry. Isn't it pretty?!!!!!!!!!

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