Monday, September 15, 2008

Clean up in aisle 5...

...Or is it crash on turn 3? Anyway, here is a picture to still the hearts of many a soul who love their wheel as much as Fido/Kitty...maybe...

It seems that one day, this lady went to spin in her family room while her favorite show was on the tube. She noticed that her wheel was spinning 'funny'. Several weeks went by, til darling son #2 happened to mention that him and the dogs where wrastling in said family room and MAY have knocked into the wheel. A few weeks after that, the poor, poor wheel could no longer keep its drive band on(how embarrassing!), so the lady had to break down and do surgery on the poor baby. Here you see the wheel in parts and scraped of old glue so that re-gluing can commence when the appropriate tools come home from darling husbands' work tomorrow.

I feel so lost and lonely, like sitting in the waiting room at the hospital.

ps: the only reason I attempt this is because a replacement wheel has different turnings than this edition. This is a 1970's edition of an Ashford Traditional. I prefer to keep wheels in their respective age groups, silly me.

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