Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the hard part

the hard part is keeping up what you have consigned yourself to do-which is to try to be urbane, witty, charming, etc etc etc......yea! right! NOT! it still is hard, tho, to come to grips with this thing called 'blog'.

anyway, i guess it would be more interesting if i planted a few pix of what i've finished lately or posted a few buttons of a few of the other blogs that I read. and i will, just as soon as I figure it out! But, I can tease you.........ha ha ha......I have finished the socks for the KAL 6 socks on yahoo. I've posted there and everything. I've also got a bad case of finish-itis, which for me means I must be very very sick. I always start projects. its the process, not the finished item that interests me. But lately, I've been finishing: a pair of wrist warmers on the needles since Oct, now that warm weather is here......; a 1/2 Frost Flowers and Leaves from "A Gathering of Lace"(that was fun!); another package of helmet liners for the troops over seas; some sewing for other people, the socks mentioned above.

On another front, I finally finished diddling around with writing out the pattern for a Shetland shawl. a triange shawl on point with large borders and an edging to make you cry. Its been finished for a week. I've been afraid to pick up the needles and make the swatch to get started. Could this be the cause of the finish-itis?

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