Sunday, May 07, 2006

busy busy busy

Things have been really hectic. the last of the last minute midterms at school before finals start next week. A project or two for the Quintessential Quilters. Last month and this, the mini project has been to make post card quilts. A tiny quilt 4 in by 6in that could be sent in the mail. We're not going to, but you can if you want, if you don't add embellishments such as beads, feathers, etc. You can use thread, paint, markers, stamps, fusibles to make your card. Here's a few of the ones I made:

Festival! the fabric had little Japanese
fish kites on it.
I thought Kewl!
A post card.
this took all of 15 minutes to assemble and make.

This on is called:
"Sailing on the Coast".
I think I am going to send this
one to my best friend from high school:

This is a representation of the
Nasturtiums in the back yard.


latvianmittens said...

They are very pretty!


cindi said...

Hi There! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging and trying to find things to blog about. Hope to see you at Frog Pond on Saturday for the Lew's Lacey Crew meeting. That was you last time, wasn't it? Best, Cindi