Monday, August 07, 2006

We have Lift Off!!!!!!

Well, that's over, whew! The first child, who happens to be the oldest grandchild of my parents, has been launched into his adult life. There was the obligatory pizza and video game party for a house full of teenagers for the 18th birthday. No pictures, they all came out fuzzy. And then the necessary family gathering for all the relatives to come eat my food and give their advice, useful or not. Then the inevitable waiting for the recruiter to arrive to chauffeur said child on his adventure into the unknown. Several months ago said child, young man-really mom! decided that he wanted mom and dad to sign him into the delayed enlistment program in the Navy before his 18th birthday, so that he could accumulate seniority while finishing school. Above is a picture of the grandchildren, who looked like they all blinked. L-R: LeAnn/13, John/14, Mike/15 and Derek/18.

Obligatory knitting content, not really, but sounds cool anyway: I am designing, or trying to, a pair of socks for the Cherry Tree Hill sock contest. Go to for info. I haven't figured out how to link into my post, yet, but someday I will. I've also started work on the Fine Framed Shawl in Sharon Miller's book "Heirloom Knitting". Will have pix of that, I hope.

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