Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where did summer go?????

Has anybody seen my summer??????

I was gonna try to be further along than in the middle of the first repeat of the center motif; anyway this picture is of the "fine framed shawl" by from Sharon Miller's book 'Heirloom Knitting'. Instead of the center she used, I am using the Unst Stole center, but the same outside and inner spider borders. Working with 2/30 yarn -(Hah!) thread is more like it!- is really a challenge. This is a tencel/silk blend that is really 'bouncy'(?). I keep having to pull down on the knitting to get the needle into the stitch. I put lobster claw clasps along the bottom of the piece to add weight to help pull down the knitting. It doesn't really affect the gauge or anything, just makes it easier to knit.

The second picture of so Scherazade or more commonly known as Mystery Stole 2 over at yahoo groups. It was designed by Melanie of the PinkLemonTwist. Really pretty, being knit in Alpaca Cloud, Sunlight. An almost easy knit to relax by, just enough attention must be given to keep the pattern going and the counts correct. This is only the completed part 1a/b and 2a and the start of 3a. This particular stole is started from a provisional caston in the center and work.

And last............SOCK WARS!!!!!!!!

aaaauuuuggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!! knit! knit! knit! defeat defeat the other feat........ OH! sorry, the wars have not started yet, but we need to discuss them and talk about them and psych out our opponents before we ever start!!!!!!! The Marines have landed!!!!!! AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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fleegle said...

That lace is stunning! I will be knitting the Unst shawl next. Can't wait to see more of yours.

You will be glad you purchased the Japanese knitting books. They are really lovely and it isn't too difficult to figure out the sweaters.