Tuesday, March 06, 2007

winter blah's

Since my last post, I took my last final on the 22nd of December, then had the all the folks over for the holidays from the24th to the 2nd of January. By then, I had full blown case of a cold trying to become bronchitits that sidelined me for the month. I did pass all my finals(yaaa) but have had no energy for all of January and most of February to do anything but spin and knit. I signed up and paid for wheel lessons last fall for this spring. I have been a self-taught spindle spinner, so must unlearn a lot of things and relearn how to do them on the wheel.

I just have the blah's......
... don't wanna finish my last semester of school!
...don't wanna start my garden!
...don't wanna sew!
...don't wanna read the latest from my favorite author(s)!

...just wannato take baths!
...just wanna spin sock yarn!
...just wanna knit socks!

BUT..........do have a picture.....

Here is DS#1 home on leave during the holiday, looking suspiciously like he did when he was 9. Eating fruit loops and reading the funnies. I wish I could find the photos from then so we could compare.

more pictures later.

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