Friday, March 09, 2007


this week has been a good week!!! No pictures cause the camera has migrated to DS#2 room and you need a herd of yak and a platoon of sherpa to navigate the mounds in his room. I just close the door.

Any way..........Yesterday I finally received my STR in the mail, and while I could say that I would have never considered these colors for myself, I am certainly happy to work with them.

Any way #2........I heard back from the organizers of the group at They have accepted a design from me for their competition.

Any way #3.......I passed my spanish test last week. YAAAA!!!

who needs more than that???????


Andi said...

It would have been a good week with just #1, LOL.

gilraen said...

The April Yarn is fabulous!! :)

Made my week too. :)