Tuesday, August 21, 2007


...........from Sweden!!!! YAAAAA! my Sockapalooza4 pal Anna-Karin (pansarknitting-dot-typepad-dot-com) sent me a wonderful pair of socks knit in the "monkey" pattern from Knitty.com How.Did.She.Know? that that's what I was thinking of doing for myself sometime this summer/fall. Anna did her's in a wonderful Opal colorway 1433. I would really like to have tried them on, but it's 100F here in California today, so pictures on hangers in the shade will have to do. So, I go to look at her site and I find out that she's a molecular biology student. YAAA! another scientist that likes to knit! The instructor I had for microbiology is a knitter, she had me teach her how to do socks.

On a side note, This. IS. My. Last. Semester!!!!!! I graduate on the 22nd of December. I started back to school in September of 1996, with one art class while the boys where in school all day. I wonder what it's like to have a real job instead of being in school all the time or at a part time job that won't last???????????

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Anna-Karin said...

So glad you like’em. There seem to be a lot of knitting scientists out there! I’ve got two semesters to go so I won’t finish until June; I’m really looking forward to enter the world of Infectious disease control this Monday so I think this year will go in a hurry. Those viruses and germs amaze me!
Have a good last semester.
Oh and those socks you’ve designed, gorgeous!