Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sockapalooza 4/End of the Tour de Fleece update

These are the socks and goodies that I am mailing to my Sockapalooza Pal today. The socks are 'Rolling Thunder' from Knitty, Winter'06 knit in Panda Wool Basil Curry color; a journal and pen; stitch markers sized for knitting socks made of red agate and silver; and 4 oz of hand dyed Blue Face Leicester, that I dyed my self using acid dyes at a dying afternoon hosted by a lady in the spinning guild last month. The fleece was dyed dry, because I wanted large amounts of white to be mixed with the color and I didn't want the colors to blend too much. Red, green and yellow where primary dyes, while the purple was a secondary dye. My sockpal is Amanda at www craftymands at wordpress dot com.

As for the end of the Tour de Fleece, I bombed big time on the participation quotient. Although, I did get back into a creative frame of mind because of it. Here's the update:
  • on the 26th/thursday, I had a quilt meeting of my small neighborhood group, so finished some projects and worked on the round robins going around.
  • on the 27th/friday, went to the American Sewing Guild Convention in Sacramento. I'm not a member, but I went to the vendors hall and did some window shopping and fondled the merchandise. Found some really nice-and expensive-stuff to drool over and some ideas to ponder.
  • on the 28th/saturday, played teamster and mover and helped 2 of the shepherdess ladies in the spinning guild transport and set up/take down their whares at the Dixon Lambtown Festival here in California.
  • on the 29th/sunday, hid in the closet, the darkest room in the house with a major migrain, even after taking rescue medication, it was bad, sick bad. I'll say no more.
  • on monday, recovered from sunday. on tuesday, sent out more job applications. on wednesday, loafed around the house, and today, mailed the sokpal stuff. I guess I can add these to the summer adventures of 'off for the summer from school stay-at-home-mom'. HAH!


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! These are the most gorgeous, softest, loveliest socks I've ever owned!

You completely spoiled me and I love it all!

Thank you!

Mamere Knits Too Much said...

oh how pretty! lucky pal!

btw,are you the designer of mad to dance pattern? will that be available for sale soon?