Sunday, July 22, 2007

absent with cause

Thursday and Friday-I sorted through more of my stuff and moved part of it into my work room and then, on Friday, rearranged my living room. Don't know why, just felt the need.

Saturday-I was invited to a dying day by a friend from another guild in the next town over. A one hour drive and then all day playing with color and fiber! The top row L-R is Jacob roving dyed green and blue(hard to see), BFL dyed dry with red, blue, yellow and green acid dyes, and cotton dyed with MX(?) dye in lapis to spin a variegated yarn. The skeins in the bottom row where all spun by me since my first lesson in Feb and are L-R: a grey Romney dyed with silver-dollar eucalyptus and then over-dyed with indigo to get a dusty turquoise; some more of the Romney dyed with Queen Anne's Lace, some light Shetland dyed with acid purple, indigo on the grey Romney, Queen Anne's Lace on the light shetland, and some of the silver-dollar eucalyptus on the grey Romney. What a wonderful day, there was a pot-luck table groaning with food, a pool to swim in when the heat got oppressive, and an Irish wolfhound with an appetite for rum cake! What fun!

Today-I went back to town near where I was yesterday and cleaned my spinning teacher's house to work off a debt. I put parts for my wheel on layaway, she needed her house cleaned because of a lot of having to be in two places at once = equitable exchange.

Even though I didn't blog this week, I feel like I have fulfilled my part of the quest for the TdeF: to work with, around or think about fiber. I have to take pictures of the quilts that I finished on monday and tuesday, so that I can say that almost the whole week was involved with fiber. I just need to get out of my work chair to the computer to blog about it, THEN maybe it will count for more than just good thoughts.

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