Sunday, July 15, 2007

Out of the Race

for not blogging these past three days-thur, fri, and sat. What can I say? I let the team down. But I didn't not do anything with yarn, if its any consolation. I have developed a case of finishitis, which for me, is unusual. Very Unusual! I have been trying to finish my Sockapalooza4 socks, the Irish shawl from Folk shawls, a quilt started in 1998 and my block of the month for the round robin quilt from a neighborhood quilt group I belong to. Pictures to follow, some day. I did work some more on unraveling the wonder of the purple bobbin, if it helps any????? spinning for today consisted of the above mentioned purple and organizing my work room so that I could be more efficient in getting this round of finishitis out of my system. Since most of my work room is wool and spinning related, I guess that this activity barely qualifies as being tour material, for today anyway.

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