Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Can't tell...............yet!!!

I can't say much except to say that I was experimenting with food dye and making myself a color card of the colors I was able to obtain. In the muffin tin was the colors dyed cold, and on the clothes line are the same colors dyed hot, in the microwave. I wanted to see the differences. However, my camera, being from the stone age, only gave me good shots of the processes at the very beginning and the end. Oh! Well!

On a side note, thanks to all of you who requested and are trying my attempts at sock pattern writing. It's not as easy as it looks. The 'mad to dance' pattern below was a fun and excruciating look at how I, personally knit socks. What an eye-opener! Just to let you know, I am submitting another design for SockMadness2. I can only hope that the ladies there like my design as well as the first one. I'll keep ya posted.

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