Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Long time... see! Things here are at their normal pace: slow to non-bloggable. School is back in session. I am in my last semester! Halleleuah! I am only taking one class. My second class I was dropped, kicked out, asked to leave- in other words, because I knew too much and asked too many hard questions! This was a painting class at State! The teacher couldn't hang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! According to her, I didn't paint the correct way, had the wrong equipment and the wrong attitude. Every other class I have taken at either the community or state level I have never had a problem with equipment or knowing too much/not enough. Go figure?!?! The other class is fine. Chinese Philosophy.

In other news, I heard from my Fiber Frenzy Pal over at the ezine. Anna Banana is a really cool pal. She had an illness and death in her family, so I sent my prayers and a note to do whatever she thought she could do-or not. I would not expect her to complete a swap under those conditions. However...this is what she sent:
  • 8 oz of blue and yellow fiber,
  • 2 oz of pinky-mauve silk roving,
  • a deep blue silk hankie,
  • some lime green mohair curls,
  • a handful of silk cocoons,
  • some tea for the inside of me,
  • and some for the outside of me.
This is way outside the call of swapping and much, much more than I ever anticipated. You spoil me, girl. Thank You!!!!

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junie said...

Well, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a fun comment. I tried to reach you but your email kicked my msg back to me...

I came over to thank you.

Love your socks.