Monday, July 21, 2008

Picture Rich Stats..... far, I've managed to spin approximately 1300 yards of 2 ply, AND NOT ONE INCH OF IT IS THE STUFF FOR THE ORIGINAL CHALLENGE!

from top to bottom, the first picture is 5 20yd/2 ply sample skeins and 1 67 yd/2 ply sample skein of the some of the stuff that we dyed in the previous post.

the second picture is a broken black buffalo/merino 2 ply that I picked up at ebay; 4 oz got me 262 yds of plush softeness. And the purple is the stuff that was in time out for over a year, 'the crash at turn 5' stuff. I thought I wrote it down, but I think I spun about 300+ yds of 2 ply. I'll recount when it's finished drying. It's almost there.

the third picture is of 2 batts from the etsy shop of 'enchanted knoll'. I love her stuff. The orangey looking one is called 'Red Dirt Girl' and the black one is called 'Phoenix'. Both are superwash merino with sari silk and angelina. Red Dirt came in at 92 yds and Phoenix came in at 262 yds.

Last but not least is 462 yds of black shetland from StoneHaven Farms in Oregon. This stuff spun up to a round 19 wpi of 2 ply. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Sorry for the washed out pictures in the sun, its the only way I can even get close to an accurate color with my ancient camera.

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