Saturday, July 05, 2008


...last year, the crash and burn at turn 5? go here to see the spectacular crash. I was so disappointed with the 'stuff' that I could only bag it in a zip lock with a sprig of lavender and relegate it to the back of the closet for an extended time out. Today I took it out of time out, and carefully unwound the rest and let it rejoin the sibling that behaved. Tomorrow I will ply, I think its learned its lesson. Maybe then I can start the major project of the Tour: 1200-1600 yds of 2 ply.

Today I spun the rest of 'Phoenix' from EnchantedKnoll at etsy. Very nice and shiny and soft. Wonderful! I'll ply it later in the week, when the last bobbin has had a chance to relax and catch up to its sibling. A silky supersoft washable merino with sari silk in red and gold with gold Angelina. Hard to believe that she labels this as MW Sock batts.

I also plyed the last 2 oz of merino/buffalo mix that I dyed a broken black. Very interesting. Very soft!
This is a soft dark grey with red highlights. Interesting.

Sorry for the dark pix: my digital is from the stone age and I was trying to take pix with the flash and a spot with a sunlite bulb. I was hoping that the flash would bounce off the window and provide a little back light. OH! Well! Maybe too much little dog nose on the window???

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